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I have had an interest in culinary arts for most of my life. I enjoyed learning to bake cookies, bread and even pretzels with my mom as a kid. Although I was a picky eater, I was intrigued by my grandmother’s vegetable garden just outside of her log cabin in the Ozarks of Missouri.

I studied culinary arts for a year in high school, but quickly learned that just because I enjoy cooking and food, this does not mean that I enjoy being in a commercial kitchen. My interest in the world grew along with my palate. I enjoy trying various ethnic foods. There are so many in the Boston area where I live, a long way from Salem, Missouri. I also began cooking at home for family and friends. I love trying new things and when I want to try a new dish, I will usually look at several recipes then pick and choose which ingredients I want to use. This can be a little more challenging when baking but I have been lucky for the most part. One time however, my molten lava cake turned into a very moist brownie.

My interest in the nutrition of food developed when I read Cooked by Michael Pollan. I suspect this happens to many of us as we age and become more health conscious. I recently read the Third Plate by Dan Barber, which inspired me to buy a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. I will receive my first bag of produce soon and I look forward to trying new recipes in my quest to learn to cook with locally grown produce that is in season.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional chef or nutritionist. I like to think I am somewhat informed and I enjoy trying new things. My new adventure begins HERE.